Why is Casa Campesina a different hotel in Cusco? It is a 2-star hotel that is open to all types of travelers: the 23 tourist rooms help refinance the 42 beds of the “farmer hostel”, a proposal that was born more than 30 years ago and made the Casa Campesina the first accommodation in the city for the marginalized indigenous population of the Andean South of Peru.

Today, the old house is remodeled and renovated. It is the perfect option for groups and individual travelers who are interested in contacting the themes of Andean culture, and to find themselves among indigenous Quechua, Amara, and Matsiguenka community members, among others.

In addition, you will find an Artisanal Textile Store, which was born from a social project of CBC, and our responsible travel agency CBCtupay

Every Tuesday, Casa Campesina invites its guests (both foreign tourist and indigenous) to a night of talk, called “Farmer Tuesday”… You are cordially invited!

Our quality, social and environmental responsibility is certified!

Since 2018, we have had the Tour Cert international certificate of quality and social and environmental responsibility that reflects our efforts toward responsible tourism. Our management and information system is designed under the TourCert standards and has been verified by an independent auditor. The TourCert seal commits us to continuously improve environmental aspects, working conditions, and customer information, as well as to establish fair business relationships. The agreements with our service providers take into consideration environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria in the provision of services, and in the preparation and selection of our accommodation and tourist trips offered.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of Casa Campesina and its facilities, a cozy and economical hotel with history and a link to the Andean culture in the historic center of Cusco.