About us?

Hoteles CBC S.A.C, is a social enterprise, dedicated to the hotel industry and travel agency, whose services it offers through its three hotels: The House of Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas, the Casa Campesina and the Casa Limaqpampa y; your travel and tourism agency CBCtupay. The profits generated by the company are distributed to two non-profit organizations, the Center for Andean Regional Studies Bartolomé de Las Casas and the Qosqo Maky Association, these institutions are used to finance educational projects, research, shelter for farmers and rural development.


Our mission is to serve our clients with criteria of excellence, with the purpose of supporting the financial resources generated by the social work of the Bartolomé de Las Casas Center (CBC), achieving the identification of our employees with the company and its roots.


Our vision is to maximize productivity and competitiveness through a unique proposal of responsible tourism, the quality of trained personnel and the services we provide, being the preferred place where our guests always want to return.

Report and Policy CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very developed in several Latin American countries and we are immersed in that development.

here CSR  report

here CSR policy